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Le French Studio is Warrenton Virginia's premier total French immersion studio for children and adults, providing world class, high quality, but most importantly, effective language instruction in a safe and friendly environment.

We offer diverse learning programs in a total French immersion school setting that recreates real-life situations where each student is able to put French to practical use, and develop exceptional communication and comprehension skills.

We encourage active participation from each student in classes that are fun, interactive, engaging, and nurturing; an educational experience that fosters a lifelong interest in learning a foreign language. Promoting self-esteem while becoming fluent in French.

Personal attention is given to each student to ensure that the course is well suited to their needs. All our teachers are native French speakers who are dedicated to each individual student's achievement.
"We can't thank you enough for being such a wonderful teacher [to our daughter]. She has made wonderful progress not only in French but in her overall academic and social developement... She always looked forward to your classes."

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